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A 3-Step Guide for Successful Blogger Outreach

Blogs are a force to be reckoned with and have shown remarkable growth in recent years, surpassing all the other internet applications in the number of users. The operators of the blogs, bloggers, are online-savvy community managers, who get their hands “dirty” in writing, editing, curating, and in all things social media. Famed online celebrities and niche specialists alike, bloggers constitute a gateway to prospective clients and desired market segments. The prowess of bloggers is a thoroughly discussed issue in academic papers, newspapers and… blogs. “But what is it to me”, you ask? Simple. The recommendations of bloggers have an impact on their readers’ shopping intentions and ultimately, on the bottom-line of your e-commerce business.

Blogging Workstation

Whether you are on a small-scale mission of getting your brand’s name out there or managing a well-funded campaign, utilizing bloggers’ word-of-mouth as a part of your online marketing endeavors is a crucial task. Identifying those bloggers who are relevant to your business and successfully getting them on board as a part of a multi-channel strategy serves many duties: Getting positive coverage and PR, increasing brand recognition, and generating sales, just to name a few.

Alas, effective blogger outreach is no easy assignment. It is challenging to navigate the booming blogosphere, especially when you are an outsider who faces cultural barriers. But fear not, because we are here to help! As a part of the Dataworks team and as a freelance fashion blogger myself, I have acquired experience being positioned on both ends of the brand-blogger relationship, and have learned many valuable lessons along the way. Based on those, here are 3 comprehensive tips for creating successful blogger outreach:

1. Do your homework

The most important building block of fashioning successful relationships with bloggers is researching, and then, you guessed it, researching some more. Treat the blogs you visit as resources. Gather the information meticulously. Create a spreadsheet. Collect data. Analyze and compare all the information you can find. Map out the blogs you visit, indicating their reach and presumed target audience. Take notes. Scout the “About” sections and the span of subjects covered. Do all these and this way, you will be able to see your blogger-brand matchmaking attemps become more tailor-fit, every time you have a go at it. It takes time, it takes effort, but it is fruitful.

2. Quality > Quantity

There is great significance to creating a dream team of bloggers-ambassadors who share a special bond with your brand. You should really take into account that although it is tempting to presume otherwise, in this pacticular field, prosperity arises from quality and fit and not from quantity. Wisely choosing the blogger is obligatory for the message to be presented in the right way, to be delivered to the right people and eventually, to making the desired impact. One of the fundamental missions you face is discovering the bloggers that are plausibly relevant to your brand and more specifically, to its story, its set of values, its aesthetic, and its target audience. For example, a small-city blogger who is a trustworthy opinion leader in a geography that you deem important might be a better fit for your needs than an international superstar blogger.

In the hyper-competitive world of blogging, things don’t happen by chance, but by careful planning. Bloggers have a much-defined sense of identity and contrary to what you may believe, this actually works for you, not against you. Bloggers know who they are, and furthermore, have a profound understanding of the community they have gathered around their blog’s campfire. In other words, they are easily able to recognize what will work out for them and their followers and what suggestions are simply irrelevant.

So, if the connection between the brand and the blogger seems forceful and you are about to reach out to a blogger just for the sake of it, stop right there. Trust your gut. Instead of burning that bridge, savor a possible relationship that could fit like a glove in the future, instead of fitting loosely in the present.

3. Pitch perfect

The saying that there is no second chance to making a great first impression is true not only in face-to-face encounters, but also in digital relationships with bloggers. Keep that in mind and be extra careful with your pitch. Actually, a lot is riding against your first communication with the blogger, for example, other hopefuls that are pitching simultaneously to you. So, you have to stand out. Plan and deliver your message in a manner that sparks curiosity, portrays relevance and makes an instant emotional connection. Make it personal (skip the generic “Dear blogger”), professional, and alluring. Be straight-forward, but not overpowering. Be polite and kind, but not blatantly over-friendly. And please, do stay in touch from time to time after the mission was accomplished (=the post was published). After all, the small details are what comprises the big picture.

In our operation of accompanying e-commerce businesses in the US and worldwide market, we have witnessed amazing outcomes from reaching out to bloggers, relying on these rules of thumb.


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